sousShelf Organizer
sousShelf Organizer
sousShelf Organizer
sousShelf Organizer
sousShelf Organizer
sousShelf Organizer
sousShelf Organizer
sousShelf Organizer
sousShelf Organizer
sousShelf Organizer
sousShelf Organizer
sousShelf Organizer
sousShelf Organizer
sousShelf Organizer
sousShelf Organizer
sousShelf Organizer
sousShelf Organizer
sousShelf Organizer

sousShelf Organizer

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Based on a simple, minimalistic concept, sousShelf is a cutting-edge multi-functional organizer. Supported by a wooden base, it holds and supports your phone or tablet as you cook.

sousShelf will keep your most critical utensils within reach and comes equipped with two porcelain utensil holders, a bottle opener, four coasters and a stylus for hands-free scrolling.

While we created it as a multipurpose recipe holder for counter tops like ours, you can use it for anything, anywhere!


Wooden base: 18"L x 6.5"W x 1"H. Supports devices up to 0.25" thick

4 Coasters: 4"L x 4"W

Utensil holder #1: includes two compartments: 4.7"H x 2.7"W (lowest point) 4.4"H (highest point) x 2.7"W

Utensil holder #2: 4.7"L x 2.7"H x 2.7"W

Dual-tip stylus: 5.5"L

Bottle opener: 5"L x 1"W

Follow these simple guidelines to preserve the beauty of this exceptional piece for years to come.

HAND WASH gently with cool water and a non-abrasive soap, using a soft sponge. Dry immediately with a soft cloth.

To maintain the radiant glow and lustrous finish of the wood, periodically RECONDITION with
food-safe mineral oil. Apply the oil with a soft cloth, allowing it to stay on the wood for an hour. Afterward, remove any excess oil with a paper towel or soft cloth, leaving behind a sumptuous sheen.

DO NOT place the wood in the dishwasher or submerge it in water. Avoid exposing it to direct sunlight or high temperatures, as these harsh elements may cause the wood to warp and crack, diminishing its splendor.

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The Kitchen Companion For The Digital Age


In addition to keeping your phone or tablet steady for you, sousShelf will keep your most critical utensils within reach. There is ample space for spatulas, forks, knives and spoons. We use ours to keep our parsley fresh!

We even integrated a bottle opener, 4 coasters and a stylus, so that whatever you need, even if the latest recipe throws you a curveball and calls for something out of the ordinary, you can feel prepared and confident. You can feel like the capable chef you have always known yourself to be.

What's Included With Your sousShelf

Wooden base

Features a slot to keep your phone or tablet steady, secures the porcelain utensil holders and the coasters in place

Coasters / Trivets

Built-in set of four matching coasters or trivets in black walnut or maple for resting drinks or hot pots on.

Dual tip stylus

Use the dual tip stylus for clean, hands-free scrolling on your device. Use the disk tip to mimic the surface area of your finger to connect with your screen.

Bottle opener

Stylish wood matching bottle opener, because that's something you should never have to hunt for.



The wooden base, made out of your choice of Canadian black walnut or maple, is a luxurious addition to any kitchen as well. This means that you are tapping into all the convenience of sousShelf™ without adding any bulky, unsightly contraptions to your cooking environment.

Look great, and cook to your full potential. This is the future of the culinary arts – and it is not only a device holder, either.


And never mind wet hands, we included a stylus! And we also included a bottle opener at your fingertips, too!


We created an all in one tablet stand with 2 porcelain utensil holders, 4 coasters, a bottle opener and a stylus to take care of everything you need when creating your next masterpiece, and without the added digital screen crust!



We loved working with AlessiaAdora to bring their idea to life and were blown away by their determination to build top quality products.


Montreal, QC


Supporting a small family business is important to us and it was a pleasure working with AlessiaAdora and the mother and daughter founders team!


Vancouver, BC


What a pleasure supporting the AlessiaAdora mother-daughter duo with their marketing efforts!


Los Angeles, CA


As one of the first product testers, I couldn't believe how clean and cleared up my kitchen got after putting the sousShelf system to use. And it looks amazing on my countertop.


Ottawa, ON


I was lucky to test the sousShelf and what a difference it made in my organization. It's clean, modern and the perfect size to de-clutter. I will buy another one for my en suite once it becomes available. My mom wants one as well!


West Vancouver, BC

How we came up with sousshelf

Behind the Scenes

During the pandemic, locked inside, we turned to the stove and the oven, trying out all sorts of new recipes – and realizing, beyond any doubt, that our kitchen had fallen short of our needs. It was frustrating, to see that, but there wasn't any denying it. That was why we got to work, to change our experience in the kitchen once and for all.

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