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How we got started

The Mother-Daughter Team Behind The Brand

AlessiaAdora® is a modern lifestyle brand founded by Vancouver based Mirabela and Alessia, a mother-daughter duo that aims to innovatively transform your in-home cooking and dining experience.

During the unforgettable summer of 2020, AlessiaAdora®’s powerful story began inside a home kitchen in beautiful Vancouver, Canada when then six-year-old Alessia and mother, Mirabela, found themselves seeking solace
from the impacts of the global pandemic through inspired cooking and baking.

As Mirabela and Alessia’s love for being creative and connecting with each other in the kitchen grew, so did their need for an organized and digital-age friendly setup as they were constantly being faced with the difficulty of how to read and scroll through an online recipe all while juggling their essential cooking utensils within arm’s reach.

They found out that they were not alone in this struggle and that it was a common problem for almost all cook-from-home chefs whether busy moms, food bloggers, lavish hostesses, professionals, or anyone else who simply loves using their phone or tablet in the kitchen. Mirabela and Alessia rolled up their sleeves and set out to answer this demand and challenge the standard messy setup of home cooking.

With the groundwork laid for a nothing less than extraordinary and modern kitchen organizer, Mirabela and Alessia revealed the ultimate kitchen helper.

Introducing The sousShelf

With a dedicated phone or tablet holder and a trendy stylus, you can follow your favorite recipes touch-free, saying good-bye for good to flour and liquid-covered devices. This mindful tool was created with sustainable materials that allows you to perform any digital task without having to constantly pick up your device. Made with luxurious quality wood, sousShelf is beautiful enough to always be displayed on your counter.

The sousShelf is an all-in-one organizer that keeps your station clear when creating your mouth-watering masterpieces and your most used tools within reach with gorgeous, fine porcelain utensil holders, minimalist coasters, and for added party time fun, a conversation starting bottle opener.

AlessiaAdora® is on a mission to combine beautiful and functional objects that make for a joyful, sustainable lifestyle, and inspire connection through thoughtfully designed products for your home.

Get to know us



Corporate career to brand builder, Mirabela brings a unique perspective and awe-inspiring talent to the entrepreneurial world. With a dedication to the advancement of women in leadership, Mirabela did just that through her work in the luxury automotive industry. Throughout her career in three different countries, two different continents, and now settled on the Canadian Pacific Coast in Vancouver, Canada, it cultured a highly distinctive passion for all things beautifully and carefully designed specifically for the user in mind.

Mirabela drew upon her unparalleled, international reaching experience to launch a brand with a vision beyond the average. For Mirabela, AlessiaAdora® offered her an avenue to blend everything she was deeply ambitious about. As she channeled her passion for creativity and leadership, appreciation for exceptionally fine designs, and (of course) love of spending time with her daughter, AlessiaAdora came to be as a brand that is purpose-driven through unmatched quality, family, hope and togetherness.

“AlessiaAdora® gets its name from my daughter, Alessia. It’s Italian for “Alessia Loves,” Mirabela says, continuing, “My amazingly perceptive daughter and I would never sell anything we don’t love ourselves. It’s our promise to you that AlessiaAdora® will only ever offer products that we personally researched, tested, and truly use. If we don’t love it, you won’t see it in our store. It’s that simple.”

With these founding principles, Mirabela has made it the mission of AlessiaAdora® to develop the most sustainable and highest-quality lifestyle products that bring joy, inspiration, and connection to people’s lives. When not working, Mirabela enjoys connecting with her daughter (and co-founder) Alessia, and three Siberian Huskies. The mother-daughter duo loves high tea together and cooking delicious meals, traveling to exciting destinations, and experiencing new adventures.


Alessia was lovingly born and raised in Vancouver, Canada. Alessia’s passions revolve around her affection for nature, our beautiful Earth, and her firm belief that anything is possible.

Having simply a love for animals is an understatement when it comes to Alessia. She is particularly fond of Arctic Foxes and she dreams of saving all animals from extinction. Alessia wants to build a business alongside her mother that is sustainable and helps keep our beloved Earth safe for future generations.

Alessia loves to play in the snow with her dogs, swim, ride her mountain bike in Vancouver’s lush forests, and spend time with family and friends whether at the beach or in the mountains.

She is extremely outgoing, fascinated with books, dreams about one day owning a horse of her own, and is resolved to bring happiness to other people’s lives through AlessiaAdora®’s creations.

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