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Make New Recipes Like A Natural With The sousShelf

Like a lot of families, Alessia and I started spending quite a bit more time in the kitchen together after the pandemic turned life upside down. As we got creative with finding new ways to pass the time together as a family during lockdown, we started experimenting with all sorts of fun new dishes.

Alessia and I loved the time they spent together in the kitchen making yummy eats and joyful memories. But we didn’t always love the messes, disarray, and disorganization that sometimes came with trying an adventurous new recipe. Our problem-solving instincts kicked in. We got to work designing a product that would become a convenient kitchen companion for the digital age - the sousShelf!

Touch-free Recipes

Nothing connects us to new recipes, flavors, and ideas like the internet. So many of the recipes we try these days are ones we find online. And yet, nothing is more irritating than frantically trying to look through a recipe on your phone while in the middle of cooking it- especially if your hands are covered with icing. With your sousShelf at your side, you’ll never have to do any sticky-fingered scrolling again.

Supported by a natural, high quality wooden base, the sousShelf holds and supports your phone or tablet as you cook. That way, you can keep your recipe pulled up right in front of you as you peel, mince, chop, muddle, and stir. This hands-free design also allows you to follow along with a video recipe tutorial, which can be an especially fun  family activity to help engage your kiddos in the kitchen.

Smart Organization

The first time you try out a new recipe, things can get scattered fast. Every second counts, and you don’t want to be left rummaging through drawers for a spatula at that last crucial second. That’s why, in addition to offering super-convenient phone support, the Sous-shelf also comes equipped with storage space and helpful attachments to keep all the moving parts of your latest recipe nice and orderly. The sousShelf is equipped with two utensil holders, a bottle opener, and four coasters. So, whatever your new recipe throws your way, you’ll be ready.

Mindfully Designed

All this extra storage space also means that even when you aren’t using your sousShelf to follow an online recipe, its design still integrates seamlessly into the flow and function of your kitchen space. With its perfectly proportioned storage sections and handy bottle opener, this product will always find a way to make itself useful in your day-to-day kitchen activities.

We hope that our love for all things beautifully functional is evident in the natural and flexible design of the sousShelf. This lovingly designed product is made of smooth, sleek high-quality wood, with a simple-yet-elegant structure that is sure to compliment any kitchen’s aesthetic.

Trying new recipes is such an important practice for broadening our horizons, learning new skills, and creating growth and joy in our lives. When families spend time together preparing meals, it opens the door for connection, conversation, and creativity. While you’re in the kitchen with your family, you want to focus on the moments that matter most, not deal with the frustration of a disorganized cooking process. With the help of a sousShelf, following hew recipes in your kitchen comes naturally!

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