As a chill creeps into the November air and the days get shorter, we realize that another year has nearly passed, and we begin to reflect upon the lessons and transformations that another yearly cycle brings.

In a year like 2020, so fraught with change and disruption, taking time to pause and give thanks is more important than ever before. Thanksgiving will be different this fall, but we still have so much to be gracious for. Alessia and Mirabela believe that gratitude is key to a life that is naturally joyful. From our family to yours, we want you to know these three ways to practice gratitude with your family this Thanksgiving season.



With its gorgeous displays of gold, orange, and deep crimson foliage, late autumn is one of the most beautiful times of the year. Thanksgiving is not only a time when we give thanks for food and family, but for the wondrous abundance of nature.

This season, make time to slow down and appreciate all that the Earth gives us. Schedule time for a nature walk with your family; use this time to take a mindful pause and practice gratitude for nature’s gifts to your local area.

Thanksgiving is also a great time for family crafts and activities which honor nature’s resources; pinecones, acorns, and brightly colored leaves are abundant, supplying you with lots of natural inspiration for DIYs and decor.

Building creative projects with natural inspirations is a great way to practice gratitude for the joy that nature brings to our lives; it’s also a great way to fill your home with a festive Thanksgiving atmosphere!



Traditionally, Thanksgiving is a time for gathering around the table to share food with the ones we hold most dear. Alessia and Mirabela love spending time in the kitchen preparing food for their family, then connecting with loved ones over natural, nourishing dishes.

In 2020, many Thanksgiving gatherings will have to be limited, but this doesn’t mean you can’t still use this time to connect over food and cooking- you’ll just have to get creative! Consider mailing festively decorated Thanksgiving recipe kits to loved ones, filled with natural ingredients to recreate your favorite foods in their own home.

Or, join friends and family together in a recipe-sharing kitchen video chat, connecting distant kitchens to share the joy that learning a new recipe brings. Food is a language that transcends all barriers, and sharing recipes is such a great way to connect deeply with the loved ones you are thankful for, no matter how far apart you are.



Thanksgiving is all about the heart. It’s a great time to not only give thanks for what we have, but to take the time to brighten the lives of others. Having the means to help others is truly something to be grateful for, and Thanksgiving is a great time to show your family how satisfying giving can be.

Donate sweaters and coats to help families to prepare for the colder months ahead, or, collect items to donate to local foodbanks that will help ensure families in your area have dinner on the table this Thanksgiving season. Fall is also a great time to give back to the environment.

As you prepare your Thanksgiving meal this year, challenge yourself to use sustainable, and ethically sourced ingredients or cookware. Cooking is one of Alessia and Mirabela’s favorite ways to support environmentally friendly, people-first products, and Thanksgiving is an ideal time to prioritize these values.


Though 2020 has been difficult for many of us, we still have so much to be thankful for. As this whirlwind of a year comes to a close, being mindful of the lessons we have learned and the ways we have grown will make this Thanksgiving season a time of natural joy and gratitude for the “harvest” of life’s unexpected transformations.

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