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Blissful Moments in hand
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Like many of us during lockdowns, Alessia and I fell in love with making memories and yummy treats in the kitchen. But we didn't love the mess and disarray that surrounded us.

So we created an all in one holder to take care of everything we needed when creating our masterpieces.

… without the added digital screen crust!

And never mind wet hands, we included a stylus! And we also included a bottle opener at your fingertips, too!

But while we created it as a multipurpose recipe holder for counter tops like ours, you can use it for anything, anywhere!

“This clever iPad tray and organizer turns your messy kitchen into a smart kitchen” - Yanko Design


Our vision is to design and manufacture products that bring joy in people’s lives and inspire family and community connection.

We aim to create a sustainable business, using only natural materials to protect our planet
for future generations.

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Blissful moments in hand

Alessia, and I came up with the idea for Vista.

We adore spending time together as much as we love those precious moments to ourselves, and it was the idea of “elevate how we serve ourselves” that inspired us to create this individual serving platter for moments when we like to immerse in digital activities.

And of course, Alessia and I have one each for those blissful moments we spend together.

Every product sold plants a tree

As an eco-conscious business, AlessiaAdora® dedicates itself to manufacturing and providing
sustainable products. Our mission rings true for all of our products, which we make from Canadian maple and walnut trees.

That's why we help give back. For every product sold, $5 go towards planting trees across North America. We strive to help restore our ecosystem for future generations.

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