In the modern area, it can be hard to find a place to call home. Especially a place you absolutely adore. But my family and I couldn't imagine living anywhere else.

Living in the Pacific Northwest offers us a plethora of unique opportunities to explore nature and different cultures.

In today's article, Alessia and I would like to share with you why we love living in the Pacific Northwest. And hopefully, by the end of the article, you will love it just as much as we do.


Raising children in a culturally diverse area has so many benefits, and I am thankful that I can raise Alessia in one myself.

Everybody lives in the Pacific Northwest. It has one of the most diverse populations I have ever seen. That also means Alessia and I are exposed to many different walks of life, and it makes our compassion and understanding of the world grow.

It also means we can see beautiful first nations architecture mixed with a variety of contemporary buildings too.


Many areas in our country are quickly becoming very industrial and losing the beauty of nature, but I am happy to say we have an abundance of it here.

In the Pacific Northwest, we are surrounded by snowy mountain peaks, rugged beaches, views of the ocean, and islands where it seems as if time has stood still. And we definitely can't forget the various lakes. The amount of beauty here is astounding.

Along with the abundance of nature, there is an unending amount of outdoor activities year-round. We can go hiking, skiing, kayaking, snowboarding, fishing, biking, and even whale watching.

Being outdoors is an essential part of life for everyone, and the more there is to do, the better.


Trying new and delicious food is one of my family's favorite things to do. We love the Pacific Northwest restaurant scene. It just keeps growing.

Our family can try so many different types of cuisine and experience everything from fine dining to small cafe-style lunches.

Along with the booming restaurant scene, we also have access to fresh seafood year-round. Unlike other areas, the freshness doesn't change with the seasons. You can have some of your favorite dishes at their peak, no matter what month it is.

Food is a love language in the Pacific Northwest. If you get the chance to visit here, we recommend making a long list of restaurants to eat at.


What Do You Love About Where You Live?

We love our community. The people here work to live, not live to work. They take the time to enjoy life's littlest pleasures.

Even if you don't enjoy everything about your community, there is always something to love. Alessia and I want to hear what you love about where you live.

Is it the people? Is it the place? Or both?

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