Let Your Sushi Nights Reach For The Moon

Let Your Sushi Nights Reach For The Moon

Say sayonara to boring, messy sushi boards and konnichiwa to Moon, a luxurious and innovative sushi board made to elevate your dining experience. With its unique concave design that effortlessly keeps your sauce separated, two matching chopsticks sets, and sleek style, Moon will be the centerpiece of your dining table and the envy of all your guests.


Infused with passion and crafted with precision in Portugal by an award-winning woodworking shop, Moon is handmade in your choice of sustainable North American walnut or maple wood. Moon is not just a practical kitchen necessity, but also a beautiful piece of cultural infused art.


Tradition meets innovation and chopsticks meet their match

If you enjoy indulging in the art of Japanese cuisine, you’ll love Moon by AlessiaAdora®. Its unique concave design on one end was specially engineered to allow for a natural separation of your soy sauce, wasabi or ginger, keeping your sushi perfectly presented and mess-free at all times.


Your sushi dining experience will always be irresistibly aesthetic as Moon includes 2 matching sets of wooden chopsticks. Crafted with the same attention to detail as the board, Moon ensures that every aspect of your sushi night is flawless (and, of course, delicious).


Inspired by Alessia’s and my personal obsession with all thing’s sushi, Moon is the ultimate addition to any sushi lover’s home. Whether you are entertaining guests or wanting a delightful night in with a loved one, Moon sushi board is a perfect combination of authenticity and functionality with just the right touch of elegance and sophistication.


Moon: the perfect partner in crime for your sushi nights - stylish, sustainable, and always ready for a roll

Let your sushi nights reach new heights of elegance and sophistication with Moon. Handcrafted with the finest sustainable materials, Moon is more than just a sushi board - it's a statement piece that harmonizes a Japanese serving dish with modern classiness and functionality.


The statement piece your sushi nights have been missing

With its stunning design, exceptional craftsmanship, and focus on sustainability, Moon is the perfect addition to any home that values beauty, versatility, and the art of Japanese cuisine. Whether you're a sushi aficionado or simply appreciate the finer things in life, Moon by AlessiaAdora® will indulge you in the perfect fusion of sushi culture, tradition, and innovation, and will make you say konnichiwa to your next dinner party.

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