Mirabela and Alessia have never been the biggest fan of in-person Black Friday shopping. Of course, for many people, Black Friday is a cherished part of their holiday routine, but we’ve just never been a fan of the crowds, the noise, and all the unnecessary chaos that comes along with this ritual. And this year, we’re less enthusiastic as ever before as the continuation of pandemic conditions make Black Friday crowds a not just annoying, but potentially dangerous, event.


We’ve always been more of a Cyber Monday type of family, and this year, we’ll be combining Black Friday and Cyber Monday into a single indoor activity. Use these tips to make the most of your at-home black Friday shopping in 2020:



Getting an early start is crucial so you aren’t left rushing at the last minute, which can lead you to miss out on the best deals, go over budget, and experience unnecessary stress. Early holiday shopping planning can be a fun activity that everyone in the family can get in on. Alessia loves helping her mom plan a detailed list of gifts to look for for all of our family and friends. Getting kids involved with the planning process helps teach real life budgeting skills and encourages the joy of giving to others.



Online Black Friday shopping can actually offer many advantages over in-person shopping. One of the best strategies our family likes to use to maximize deals during this Black Friday 2020 is to use social media to follow brands. When you already have a list made and know exactly what you need, you can track that product on social media to determine whether the best deals will land on Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or even Boxing Day. With the connection of social media, you can easily optimize savings this Black Friday.



From electronics to the hottest new toys to chic and cozy homegoods, Black Friday deals offer something for everyone.

But there are other deals you can find on Black Friday that are easier to forget about. Our family finds that some of the best deals you can steal on Black Friday are actually gift cards.

When you buy a gift card on a Black Friday discount, you can create savings for months to come, maximizing deals in January after the drop-off in holiday prices. Gift cards are a great way to give a personalized gift that keeps on giving well into 2021.


Online Black Friday shopping doesn’t have to be a headache. With proper planning, the power of technology, and smart buying choices, Black Friday 2020 can be a festive event that brings the whole family together.

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