Blissful moments in hand

Vista elegantly combines a universal smartphone or vertically placed tablet holder with an individual cravings serving board so you can finally relax with your favorite pleasures effortlessly.  

Aesthetically pleasing and unbelievably comfortable to hold for both left and right handed serenity lovers, this smart phone or tablet holder allows for the horizontal or vertical use of any phone.

Experience your favorite shows or scroll through social media from any angle, whether you are left- or right-handed and enhance your me time enjoyment.

It’s time to elevate the presentation of serving yourself

Perfect for small bites and snacks, indulge yourself with a single serving sized cravings board.

The Vista base is sculpted concave to allow room for your favorite snacks and any utensils to all fit with ease and stay in place.

We designed it with you in mind, so it’s made for serving anything – olives and cocktail nuts, appetizers, desserts, cheeses, or a personal sized charcuterie.

Enjoy a lazy Sunday breakfast or atranquil Taco Tuesday night with this multi-purpose personal serving tray

Vista has as much functionality as it does beauty. There’s a spot purposefully created to place your favorite coffee cup or wine glass without having to worry about spills. You’re always guaranteed minimal mess no matter what mixed and matched desired.

The sleek, modern, yet thoughtful separations ensure that your phone, food, and cups never touch. In the case of some rogue crumbs, we’ve designed the phone slot without a bottom so your screen will always stay protected throughout your relaxed entertainment.

Once your snacks run out, Vista is ingeniously developed to be self-standing so place it on your armrest and enjoy the rest of your show. 

Versatile design beautifully crafted to be on display when not in use

Made in Portugal by an award-winning woodworking design shop, Vista is made using only sustainably sourced North American walnut or maple wood and solidly crafted to have the most luxuriously smooth touch imaginable. When not in use, the phone slot doubles as a handle soit can be hung on the wall.

Why choose Vista?

Designed in Canada

Innovative Design

Top Quolity

Vista Story

Alessia, and I came up with the idea for Vista.

We adore spending time together as much as we love those precious moments to ourselves, and it was the idea of “elevate how we serve ourselves” that inspired us to create this individual serving platter for moments when we like to immerse in digital activities.

And of course, Alessia and I have one each for those blissful moments we spend together.

Every Vista sold plants a tree

As an eco-conscious business, AlessiaAdora® dedicates itself to manufacturing and providing
sustainable products. Our mission rings true for Vista, which we make from North American maple and walnut trees.

That's why we have partnered with Tree Canada® to help give back. For every Vista sold, $5 go to Tree Canada®. With each donation, they will plant a tree to help restore our ecosystem.

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