the kitchen companion for the digital age
The Kitchen Companion For The Digital Age

Based on a simple, minimalistic concept, sousShelf is a cutting-edge kitchen organizer. Supported by a wooden base, it holds and supports your phone or tablet as you cook.​

sousShelf will keep your most critical utensils within reach and comes equipped with two porcelain utensil holders, a bottle opener, four coasters and a stylus.

What's Included With Your sousShelf

Wooden base

Features a slot to keep your phone or tablet steady, secures the porcelain utensil holders and the coasters in place.

Coasters / Trivets

Built-in set of four matching coasters or trivets in black walnut or maple for resting drinks or hot pots on.

Dual tip stylus

Use the dual tip stylus for clean, hands-free scrolling on your device. Use the disk tip to mimic the surface area of your finger to connect with your screen.

Bottle opener

Stylish wood matching bottle opener, because that's something you should never have to hunt for.

smart organization
Porcelain Utensil Holders

In addition to keeping your phone or tablet steady, sousShelf will keep your most critical utensils within reach. The two fine porcelain utensil holders fit perfectly into the wooden base and hold your most precious tools.

There is ample space for spatulas, forks, knives and spoons. We use ours to keep our parsley fresh!

Elevate Your Cooking Experience

We even integrated a bottle opener, 4 coasters and a stylus, so that whatever you need, even if the latest recipe throws you a curveball and calls for something out of the ordinary, you can feel prepared and confident.

You can feel like the capable chef you have always known yourself to be.

sousShelf Features

Where Else Will You Find sousShelf?

Desk organizer

sousShelf works neatly as a device holder with the added convenience of pen and pencil cups!

Bathroom caddy

Pop your brushes in the cups and your device in the holder and hit up some makeup tutorials!

Nightstand valet

sousShelf holds your device and things like keys, rings and coins right next to your bed.

Snack tray

Fill the cups with snacks, drinks on the coasters, bottle opener on hand. Enjoy the movie!

Mindfully Designed and Made in Canada

All this extra storage space also means that even when you aren’t using your sousShelf to follow an online recipe, its design still integrates seamlessly into the flow and function of your kitchen space. The wooden base, made out of your choice of Canadian black walnut or maple, is a luxurious addition to any kitchen as well. Look great, and cook to your full potential. This is the future of the culinary arts!
Merge Analog And Digital Smarts

Nothing is more irritating
than frantically trying to look through a recipe on your phone while in the middle of cooking it- especially if your hands are covered with icing. With sousShelf at your side, you’ll never have to do any sticky-fingered scrolling again.

Modular Design For Smart Organization

Things can get scattered fast when you're trying to follow a recipe online.

In addition to offering super-convenient device support, the sousShelf comes equipped with storage space and helpful attachments to keep all the moving parts of your latest recipe nice and orderly. 

Whatever your new recipe throws your way, you’ll be ready with sousShelf.

Why choose sousShelf?

Made in Canada

Innovative Design

Top Quolity


sousShelf – finally, a sous-chef of your very own

During the pandemic, locked inside, we turned to the stove and the oven, trying out all sorts of new recipes – and realizing, beyond any doubt, that our kitchen had fallen short of our needs. It was frustrating, to see that, but there wasn't any denying it. That was why we got to work, to change our experience in the kitchen once and for all.

Our Story

Alessia and I loved the time we spent together in the kitchen making yummy eats and joyful memories. But we didn’t always love the messes, disarray, and disorganization that sometimes came with trying an adventurous new recipe. Our problem-solving instincts kicked in. We got to work designing a product that would become a convenient kitchen companion for the digital age - the sousShelf!

- Mirabela and Alessia

Every sousShelf sold plants a tree

As an eco-conscious business, AlessiaAdora® dedicates itself to manufacturing and providing
sustainable products. Our mission rings true for sousShelf, which we make from Canadian maple and walnut trees.

That's why we have partnered with Tree Canada® to help give back. For every sousShelf sold, $5 go to Tree Canada®. With each donation, they will plant a tree to help restore our ecosystem.

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