Would you believe that leggings were invented way back in the 14th century? More on that later, but since then, they have become a staple in every closet, and it looks like it’s here to stay. Leggings are versatile clothing pieces that complement every body type and work for all occasions. You can wear them to the gym, office, casual activities, parties, traveling, basically anywhere!

Thanks to the technology that refines leggings’ aesthetic and nature, it’s as a must-have clothing piece in your wardrobe. The key is to find the right ones for your needs. As the wide variety of leggings and personal factors involved can be confusing and overwhelming to start, so let’s dive in right away.


As we mentioned, leggings were invented centuries ago! The first appearance was made and worn by men in the 14th century. Those leggings were made from either thick leather, coarse ones with a rough texture, or chainmail. And they were commonly used for military purposes only, or daily garments if needed.

The lack of material choice and limited technologies prevented people from the 14th century to wear legging more often and for different occasions. And yes, men predominantly wear this type of clothing until the 19th century when the modern-day evolution of leggings began in the 1950s and was taken over by women.

Simply because of technology and evolving fashion taste today, we can enjoy a wide variety of materials, fabrics, and finishes. We can wear this clothing piece not just during workout sessions (particularly for yoga and ballet) but also for casual outings and (interestingly) for work. Plus, leggings are such versatile clothing pieces that you can match with any look, accessories, and other clothing pieces to suit the occasion.


The important thing about choosing any clothing piece for your needs is to know what types exist. Knowing the type will give you a rough idea of the material and finishes used to make them and ensure that it provides the most important thing for leggings-users – a comfort.

Leggings For Sports-Related Activities: One of the first reasons why leggings are making a comeback is that pants won’t get in the way when you’re making complicated workout motions or yoga poses.

Thankfully for the latest tech, leggings nowadays that are made for activewear places comfort as the top factor and generally are made from light and breathable fabric with various designs and height (either you want it up a high or medium-waist level, for example). Leggings in this category also come with additional features that can be considered as standard, such as moisture-wicking, flexible, stretchy, and odor-controlling that can be handy depending on the type of workouts you usually do.

Casual Wear: Initially, leggings were used as a casual clothing piece made to be cozy and comfy so that you can wear them all day. This type of leggings are made with breathable fabric (such as cotton or bamboo), fully opaque, and certainly comes in various colors, finishes, and add-ons like pockets, thick waistbands, or warming features. Rest assured, you can find anything you need according to your needs.

Workwear: This is of the latest categories for leggings that we think is very interesting. Leggings made for workwear combine the aesthetic of professionalism while providing the same comfort level in the clothing piece. They tend to have a stylish appearance (the ‘pressed’ look, if you will) and come in neutral, soft colors fit for a professional setting.



The material (or fabric) leggings made plays a massive role in influencing the outcome look. Because leggings’ nature is to cling closely to the skin surface, the material used should be breathable to allow airflow to pass through. It also needs to be stretchy to accommodate the user’s movement (instead of restricting it), and comfortable to wear, even for short time activities, such as during a fitness session.

Typical materials to make leggings include cotton, nylon, polyester. Nowadays, we can see a blend of the material (such as cotton with polyester) to combine both worlds’ best, maximizing the particular performance leggings according to as the intended use.


Bamboo: The pulp extracted from the bamboo plant is wonderful to create a fabric that’s light and soft to the skin, breathable, wicks out moisture, and has an anti-static feature that won’t stay stuck to your skin. That’s why bamboo leggings feel so soft and help you stay dry through strenuous activity.

Besides, bamboo material’s tightly woven nature also has an ability to protect your skin from UV rays (with UPF 50), making it an all-around versatility kind of fabric. And yes, it’s a sustainable source too.

Tencel: Another type of material that is also extracted from the pulp – specifically wood pulp is Tencel. This name comes from a combination of words ‘Tenacity’ and ‘Cellulose.’ It is not only perfect material for leggings but also gives a luxurious feel similar to PU leather. Tencel’s fabric nature is extremely close to polyester that makes it durable for wear, along with anti-microbial and moisture-wicking features. That probably covers pretty much every aspect of your needs in the search for perfect leggings.



For the healthiest options in leggings, bamboo and Tencel are quite a good choice but, another material deserves a massive shout-out as a healthy option is a cotton. Cotton is a well-known material to use for clothing pieces for centuries, and surely, leggings are also included.

The material is airy, soft to the skin, and certainly breathable and wicks out odor while absorbing moisture inside to ensure high hygienic levels stay longer. Compared to synthetic fabrics that don’t absorb moisture well and allows bacteria to thrive. Because of its versatility nature, cotton is commonly combined with other materials (as mentioned previously), known as a cotton blend.


The design factor will undoubtedly affect the overall outcome of leggings as the finished product. Length, waistline, and the cuts itself (of cause on top of colors and materials used) help us choose the perfect leggings for our needs. Considering the plethora of choices available in the market, finding the perfect one is not impossible.

We can see the difference between leggings that are made for activewear as opposed to casual wear. For the former, the materials and factors involved in creating activewear leggings are a priority. This ensures users’ performance and movements even at the high-intensity workouts that are sweaty or complicated in motions.

Leggings that are made for casual wear, on the other hand, emphasized comfort. The materials used range from cotton or cotton blend, with equal emphasis on design such as color, embellishments, and details on the clothing piece.

A testament to their diversity is leggings’ ability to pair well with all different popular footwear types. From sandals to sneakers to boots and even high heels, your choice of footwear helps set your outfit’s tone.

Fashion sneakers add a casual and playful look to leggings, while calf-length boots or ankle booties add a chic sense. High-heeled shoes or boots give your outfit a dressy look while strappy sandals or flats mix casual with classy.

Choosing a unique design is certainly possible for leggings. You can either get one from limited editions or opt for customization for prints and colors that only you have the world’s design.

Considering the whole nature and feature of leggings, it’s definitely a versatile clothing piece that stands the test of time, a must-have for your wardrobe!


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