Fall Fashion Statement Pieces

Beautiful autumn days are finally upon us! Leaves of red, orange, yellow, and brown are scattered across nature's floor, setting the tone for the season. The air is crisper with a slight chill. It is truly one of the most aesthetically pleasing seasons.

With the temperature and seasonal shift comes a wardrobe shift. Fall is one of the best times of year for fashion; there are so many possibilities as the temperature continues to drop.

Alessia and I want to help you get geared up for the season by recommending classic statement pieces. With these three wardrobe must-haves, you can create a plethora of stunning fall outfits.



Fall sparks the want and need in many of us to feel warm and cozy. What better way is there to get the cozy vibes started than by grabbing a chunky-knit sweater?

You can find these sweaters everywhere in a wide range of prices, colors, and cuts.

A classic, slightly oversized, chunky-knit sweater pairs well with just about everything. From jeans to leggings, and even the newly adored midi-skirt, a chunky-knit sweater, can be the perfect match.

If you really want to get into the autumn spirit, we suggest picking one in a traditional fall color. Such as red/burgundy, mustard, olive green, or brown.



Take advantage of the cold season and experiment with layering. An essential fall layering piece is a leather jacket (vegan leather if possible.)

Whether it's a moto-style or an oversized 90s-esque cut, a leather jacket can turn the average day look into the perfect evening outfit. Especially if you choose a jacket in black or burgundy.

There are so many ways to style a leather jacket it can be hard to choose.

Pairing one with simple boots, jeans, a graphic tee combo is perfect for a weekend out or lunch with girls. You can also layer the jacket over the top of a floral print maxi dress for a witchy Stevie Nicks look. Its endless versatility is what makes it an essential autumn statement piece.



And finally, we get to the accessories. Adding a classic floppy felt hat to your wardrobe will help you turn an average outfit into a fall masterpiece.

Felt hats in rich brown tones and burgundy pair best with autumn outfits.

The great thing about these hats is that you can dress up a simple t-shirt, leggings, and boots combo by popping one on. It can make any outfit appear just a bit chicer. Also, it's a fantastic coverup for second-day hair that could use some TLC.

Of course, only get this piece if you consider yourself a hat girl. If not, feel free to skip this suggestion.


Have a Wonderful Autumn Season!

Alessia and I are so excited for autumn, and we hope you are too. Join in on your favorite fall festivities while rocking these staple wardrobe pieces. I know we will.

We at AlessiaAdora hope you have a wonderful autumn season!

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