How do we make memories last forever? How can we stop time and have everyone witness a beautiful moment? The answer is photography.

Since the birth of cameras, we have been able to capture life's greatest moments and make them last a lifetime.

Photography has been used for everything - from documenting historical events, to family vacations, and everything in between. The possibilities are endless when it comes to photography, and that's why Alessia and I love it.

Today we want to share with you our passion for photography by discussing the different styles of the art form and some tips on how to improve your skills.



Photography is a far and vast world full of different styles. If you're newer to this world, it's a good idea to get yourself acquainted with the various types of photography.


Portrait style photography focuses on capturing the personality of the person or group of people within the shot. You will often notice in portrait photographs that the lens is focused on the person in the photo and softens the focus of the background.


Landscape photography is exactly what it sounds like. It's photographs of gorgeous landscapes. You will often see landscape-style photos of mountains, sunsets, beaches, and waterfalls.


Action shots are a style/form of photography that captures someone or something in motion. These shots could include simple actions, such as a child riding a bike all the way to someone performing a complicated gymnastic trick in mid-air.


Social media photography is a loose term to describe photographs posted to social media. These photos often include well-lit selfies and other aspects of more traditional forms of photography. The possibilities are endless for social media photography.

Now that you know about these four common types of photography - let's discuss some quick tips and tricks to take an ordinary photo to extraordinary.



The following tips are helpful whether you are using your phone camera or a high-quality DSLR.

Lighting is Everything

One of the most common mistakes people will make when trying to take a selfie or a simple photo at a family event is not paying attention to the lighting. Always ensure that the light is coming from behind the camera and not from in front of the camera. Your picture will come out more crisp and clear when using this simple tip.

Don't Zoom

Using the zoom function will immediately decrease the quality of your photo. Instead, if it's possible, move in close to the subject of the picture. You can avoid grainy and pixelated textures this way.

Always Practice

This tip sounds so benign, but it can help the most. But practicing every day, you'll find methods and tricks that work for you.

Which one of these tips will you try first?

Go and Make Memories! Now it's time to go and take some pictures and make some memories. What is your favorite thing to photograph? Let us know.

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