How To Declutter Your Kitchen


The holiday season is a time for spreading cheer to the ones we love most in the best ways we know how to. For many, that includes cooking delicious meals and baking festive desserts to share with house-guests.

Alessia and I discovered a love for baking and cooking during the pandemic when we began trying new recipes to keep ourselves busy.

No matter the reason for your newfound love of the kitchen, one thing that keeps us out of there is all of that frustrating clutter.

For that reason alone, a lot of us will choose to eat out instead of cooking a meal made with love right in our homes.

We want to help you enjoy your kitchen again by sharing these easy-peasy decluttering tips. It's just in time for the exciting 2021 holiday season.

Say Farewell To Those Gadgets

At some point in every young person's life, they end up with some unique kitchen gadget. It usually happens as a bridal shower or wedding gift, maybe even a housewarming present. Sometimes, even worse, we bought it ourselves.

But the truth about these unique seen-on-tv gadgets is that hardly anyone ever uses them. They sit on our counters or in our cabinets taking up precious real estate for useful ingredients and cooking space.

Before you go and chuck these gadgets into the trash - think about donating them. You can gather other old or no longer useful belongings from around your house and take them to your local thrift store. What may seem non-useful to you could be the exact thing someone else needs in their life.

Keep Utensils Minimal

Having a huge cup of cooking utensils may seem vital to some, but for many, we only use so many out of the dozens that we own. That can happen when we buy a new one and never toss the one we were trying to replace. You might say, "let me keep this just in case I need it in the future." But let's be honest with ourselves, has the need arisen for that old spatula, ladle, or serving fork?

Before you let go of all of your old cooking and serving utensils, take a look at what you have and see if they can be repurposed.

Wooden cooking and serving utensils can be great for crafts. You and your kids can give them a fresh coat of paint with a unique design and display them on your kitchen walls. Get creative.

Try The sousShelf!

As many of you know, Alessia and I recently released the sousShelf, the natural sous-chef.

The sousShelf can help you stay organized in the kitchen and keep clutter at bay with its handy porcelain utensil holders. You can also stand your tablet or phone on it while following a new recipe you found online.

Owners of the sousShelf will no longer have to scramble around the kitchen looking for that one item they need.

You can pre-order your very own sousShelf and get the best offer before we launch, here.

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