At AlessiaAdora, we know that one of life’s purest joys is the experience of travel. We are a family of adventurers and explorers on a mission to take in all the beautiful sights and vibrant experiences our Earth has to offer. Alessia loves traveling to our favorite spot in Maui, where she spends her days splashing in the warm tropical water.


This year, though our travel plans have been cancelled, our wanderlust is just as alive as ever. For Alessia’s 7th birthday on December 6, we were planning a getaway to the beautiful alpine regions of Germany, Switzerland, and Austria.

Planning this trip, Alessia and Mirabela have had to learn a lot about ways to travel safely during a pandemic. We’ve learned that with thought and preparation, a safe winter journey is completely achievable, however, we decided to spend our vacation at home as recommended by our health officials. During our research, here’s what we’ve found to be most important to winter travel in 2020:



Luckily, traveling in winter already means that you will encounter less crowds of tourists than in the summer months, making social distancing easier no matter where you choose to travel.

Though many of us might associate a family vacation with fun in the sun, beaches, and amusement parks, traveling off-season is a great way to not just stay safe, but to give your family a truly original travel experience. Traveling during winter can open your eyes to amazing history and cultural treasures that are hidden from peak-season tourists.

This winter, Alessia and Mirabela planned to explore the European tradition of the Christmas market, popular throughout Bavarian and Alpine areas of Europe, and a truly magical experience filled with light, laughter, delicious food, and fascinating traditions.

If you can, book flights and hotel check-ins on weekdays to further avoid week-end crowds. If you’re smart about scheduling, you can avoid crowds altogether during your winter holiday and get a glimpse of unique, off-season local culture.



Especially during the cold weather when temperatures are more likely to drive crowds inside, indoor activities are more dangerous to partake in during a pandemic.

Therefore, as you plan your travel this winter, plan to bundle up! It’s best to pick a destination with lots to do outdoors, where you can experience the joy of family travel without exposure to the hazards of indoor crowds.

Thanks to the gorgeous Alps mountain range, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland are home to some of the most breathtaking scenery in the world, all year round. This natural beauty, coupled with the magical fun of outdoor Christmas markets, will create a truly unforgettable winter vacation.

Whether you’re traveling across continents or within North America, choosing a mountain destination for your winter travel is a good option in times like these – many mountainous areas of the world are most beautiful in winter, and choosing one of these destinations will give your family a new perspective on the wonder of Earth’s seasons.



One of the most important ways to be safe when traveling in 2020 is to be mindful when booking overnight accommodations. Now is probably not the best time to book a room in a large, busy hotel in a city center. If you need to stay in a hotel, it’s best to look for accommodations in less-traveled areas with smaller capacities and more open space.

But if you can, it might be smart to avoid hotels altogether – Airbnbs can be a great way to book safe, socially distanced accommodation while also getting a first-hand look at local culture and hidden gems of neighborhoods. Now would also be a perfect time to book a cozy cabin for just you and your family to enjoy a natural getaway.

Austria, Switzerland, and Germany are home to lots of cozy bed-and-breakfast chateaus and small, rural inns in quaint villages that look like they’re straight from a fairy tale! Sometimes, when you challenge yourself to travel beyond the beaten path of tourism and chain hotels, you can give your family a truly magical experience.


Wherever your adventures take you, we at AlessiaAdora wish you happy travels this winter! We hope your journeys bring you lots of bliss, joy, and magic for the whole family and most importantly, stay safe.

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