See Joy In Color

Before Alessia was born, Mirabela thought color wasn’t for her. Her wardrobe consisted of mostly neutrals, with little variation. But Alessia helped her mom see the world in a less “black and white” way. Alessia’s love of all of nature’s beautiful colors encouraged Mirabela to branch out in incorporating vibrant, playful hues into her day-to-day style, brightening her mood and the lives of those around her. We at AlessiaAdora believe in the power of the rainbow. If you want to introduce more color into your closet, but don’t know where to start, we have you covered with this comprehensive guide to coloring your life:


It’s a common misconception that only some people can “pull off” bright colors. The truth is, anyone can look fabulous “live and in color.” The secret is knowing which shades will compliment your natural skin tone. If your skin has warm undertones, like yellow, gold, or olive… turn to fiery classics like feisty corals, playful fuchsias, and lively autumn oranges.

If your skin has cool undertones like baby pink or light blue…. then you will look amazing in spritely, nature-inspired shades. Try a funky turquoise, a lush jade green, or a deep amethyst.

If your skin has neutral undertones like beige or cream… then no one else pulls off saturated primary colors like you can. Turn heads by choosing a bold scarlet, an adventurous mustard yellow, or a striking cobalt blue.


The way we dress is one of our most accessible forms of self-expression. The colors you choose communicate your energy to those around you, so here are some creative color meanings to consider:

Reds and oranges create an energy of passion, courage, and empowerment. So if you need a confidence boost, choose shades like crimson, saffron, and rose.

Blues and greens, on the other hand, project a relaxing, healing, and harmonious energy. On days when you need to focus on de-stressing, reach for calming colors like cerulean, emerald, or indigo.

Colors like pink and purple are traditionally associated with love, creativity, and comfort. So, on when you need some time for self-love and gratitude, slip into hues like carnation, orchid, and lavender.


Introducing more color to your closet is a creative and fun way to celebrate the changing of the seasons with your family. Wearing seasonal colors encourages mindfulness about color symbolism and Mother Nature’s yearly cycles. Even when the temperatures are frosty, it doesn’t mean you have to give color the cold shoulder. Add festive winter accents in holly red and forest green, or invoke the purifying energies of a snowy day with chill teals and icy periwinkles. Spring brings renewal and natural abundance. Celebrate the return to warmer weather with cute blossom pinks and enchanting mint or seafoam greens. Make a splash with fun summer shades like cherry red, sky blue, and sunshine yellow. Then, as the leaves change color, so can your looks! Fall is a fabulous time to experiment with oranges like tangerine and marigold, or cuddle up with cozy, deep reds in shades of ginger and wine.


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