Introducing O.V.O by AlessiaAdora®

Introducing O.V.O by AlessiaAdora®
Experience the perfect blend of art, form and function with O.V.O, the perfect wood phone holder by AlessiaAdora®. Gone are the days of flimsy phone holders that can’t sustain the weight of modern-day phone models. Designed with love in Canada by AlessiaAdora® and crafted in Portugal by an award-winning woodworking design shop, O.V.O is a stunningly sleek wood phone holder meant to withstand and provide everything that a digital life demands. Created from sustainable North American maple and walnut, this wood phone holder is anything but ordinary.

Full screen viewing power and crisp audio from every angle
O.V.O is not like other phone holders on the market that need to block precious screen space to perform and muffle the sound when your favorite song meets the bottom. With the unique high support and low front edge, O.V.O provides one-of-a-kind stability with the complete screen visible. The purposeful and ingeniously refined concave shape of the bottom of the phone slot ensures that only the corners of the phone touch, allowing sound to flow better and your microphone to be ready for all calls that might come through.

High-demand functionality infused into minimalist elegance
O.V.O is meant to make your digital life easier without extra effort on your part. Whether horizontal or vertical, O.V.O is the perfect accessory for anyone who wants to add a touch of minimalist elegance to their space and immerse themselves in a hands-free viewing experience. It will never flip under the weight it holds as it has been methodically engineered to gracefully embrace all types of phones and it does this exceptionally with their cases on as they prevent slippage.

Inject a touch of joy and the love of life with O.V.O
Simple and modern should never mean bland and without meaning. At AlessiaAdora®, we believe clean lines never go unnoticed when designed with intention. The unique design of O.V.O draws inspiration from the shape of an egg. It symbolizes new life and fresh starts. As special as you are, every O.V.O phone holder is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that can never be replicated. Each one uniquely embodies the master craftsmanship and care that went into every part of its making.

Perfectly engineered and lovingly crafted from start to finish
The entire creation process of O.V.O is as meticulous as it is artful. Careful manual sanding removes any imperfections in the wood, and this is continuously done until a gorgeous circular wood grain emerges. The surface is then coated with several layers of a non-toxic opulent matte finish, creating a smooth-to-the-touch surface that preserves the natural beauty of the wood and provides a luxurious tactile experience.

Bring joy to your hands-free viewing experience with a natural wood phone holder
O.V.O is the addition to any modern space where functionality is a necessity. Let’s face it, when is it not? Whether you're at home relaxing, in the office working, or just want to keep your phone close at hand, O.V.O is there for you.

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