At times like these, when the world is changing so rapidly, showing us challenging new surprises each day, it is worth pausing to ask yourself: Are you really living your life, or merely existing? With the fast-paced, surface-level demands and stresses of today’s world, it can be easy to get through life just existing, going through the motions just to get through to the next task.


However, when you really live your life, you engage fully with the rich possibilities of your present moment, seeking joy, knowledge, connection, and opportunity. At AlessiaAdora, we believe that living, not just existing, is crucial to making the most of our time together on this beautiful earth. Here are some strategies you and your family can use to live, naturally and joyfully.



When you go through life merely existing, you accept old patterns, habits, and expectations as if there’s no other possible way life could be. When you are always rushing to get to the next task without reflecting on questions like “Why?” and “How?” you are more likely to close yourself off to the boundless wonders of human experience. Questioning is key to living.

Alessia loves answering questions about the world around her, and Mirabela loves exploring the fascinating places these questions lead them.


When we approach the world with the naturally questioning nature of a child, we release what we thought we knew to be true, opening us up to creativity, joy, and beautiful new opportunities.


Ask questions every day to truly live through exploring life to the fullest.



When you are just existing instead of living, you are also probably rushing, and if you’re rushing, you’re probably stressing. The anxieties of daily life can be overwhelming and stop us from taking the time to consider the simple beauties of the present moment.


That’s why true and beautiful living cannot be achieved without a concept called mindfulness, or, the practice of observing and absorbing the nuanced energies of one’s present moment.



It can be so easy to get caught up in our own stressors and hectic schedules. Anxiety and negative energy works to keep us inside our own heads, existing day-to-day by walling ourselves off from others. But humans are social and collectively-minded beings. We aren’t meant to merely exist in self-serving isolation. That’s why connection is so important to living.


Seeking connection means taking the time to slow down and enjoy moments with family. It also means staying connected to your community and to the “bigger picture” of the world we all share.


Look for opportunities to connect to others in your neighborhood through acts of service, and prioritize ethically sourced and sustainable products to remain connected to the balance of The Earth.


When we integrate connection into all aspects of our lives, we don’t just exist- we live: joyfully, vibrantly, and naturally.

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