At AlessiaAdora, we believe in the power of learning. Education is something our family values immensely, ensuring that Alessia has access to various sources of learning. Alessia loves learning about our beautiful world and all the exciting people, places, and ideas that make life vibrant and joyful.

She believes that everyone should be able to experience the empowered joy that education creates, but she knows that many of our Earth’s children are not as lucky as she is. That’s why Alessia wanted to make sure that AlessiaAdora worked towards making the world a better place by creating more educational opportunities for more children. Here’s how we are supporting with UNICEF to make Alessia’s mission a success.


According to recent UNICEF calculations, 20% of school-aged children globally are not enrolled in regular schooling.

This creates a massive education gap between children in impoverished and underserved areas; this means that children who are already underprivileged by economic conditions are even further disadvantaged to lack of access to education.

Girls, ethnic minorities, and children with disabilities are even more likely to be left behind.

At AlessiaAdora, we believe that knowledge truly is power, and that’s why we are supporting UNICEF to empower children across the world.


When we were looking for ways to make Alessia’s dream of supporting education a reality, we searched for organizations to work with who shared our values of empowerment and joy through the wonder of learning. We chose to work with UNICEF because we were blown away by their amazing global efforts to help children get the education they deserve.

UNICEF is working to provide equitable education to areas of the world where material conditions make it difficult for children to access quality learning- for instance, impoverished areas, areas experiencing natural disasters and health crises, and areas impacted by war or other violent conflict.

UNICEF also has dedicated efforts towards protecting the rights to education of disadvantaged girls, ethnic minorities, and disabled students in areas where these children face discrimination. No child should ever feel unsafe just for wanting a basic education, and UNICEF is focused on building safe and secure learning environments so every student can thrive and reach their true potential.


Alessia and Mirabela believe that every child has a fundamental right to safe learning and education.

That’s why we are working with organizations like UNICEF to create more equitable access to high-quality education for learners everywhere.

We are starting by dedicating 2% of all proceeds from our Streets of Hope Collection to supporting UNICEF. And in the future, we’re going to be looking for even more ways to create opportunities to connect and support this cause we so ardently believe in.

But we can’t do it alone. Supporting education requires your support as well. As we strive to support the young innovators, dreamers, and leaders who will shape our future, we hope you will stand by us in our mission of spreading joy through education to children everywhere.



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