When she was a little girl, Mirabela always dreamed of having a Siberian husky. When she grew up, she finally got what she had always wished for- and a little more besides! Though Mirabela never intended to have a two-dog household, brothers Anouk and Tikaani have now become two beloved family members who do so much to enrich Alessia and Mirabela’s lives.


At AlessiaAdora, we believe that our pets are some of the most important members of the family. That’s why we want to help you find the right animal companion for your family’s needs.


Though Anouk and Tikaani are the perfect best friends for Alessia, two large and active dogs like these certainly wouldn’t be the right fit for everyone. Here are some things to consider as you think about the right pet to choose:



When Anouk was a puppy, he chewed up everything. After some research, Mirabela discovered that young Siberian huskies often need a buddy in order to get enough physical activity and stimulation to stop them from destructive behaviors. Now that Anouk has Tikaani to romp around with, his reign of puppy terror has ended, and the family’s shoes are safe at last.


Anouk and Tikaani’s story is just one example of why it’s important to consider pet activity levels. Alessia loves her daily runs with her two best furry friends, but a run every day might be a lot for some folks to handle!


Luckily, there are plenty of lower-energy pets as well. Smaller dog breeds, for instance, thrive off of light exercise, like short walks.

For indoorsy families, cats, rodents, birds, and reptiles are all excellent choices because they can get all the exercise they need from regular indoor play. No matter your lifestyle, there is a pet out there with the right activity needs for your family.



The coastal Canada climate is perfect for Anouk and Tikaani. Huskies are bred to thrive in chilly conditions, but, because of their thick coats, they would likely be miserable in an area that stays hot all year round. Similarly, smaller short haired dogs, like chihuahuas or greyhounds, would get too cold during a harsh Canada winter.


If you plan for your pet to spend a lot of time outside, you need to choose a breed that will be comfortable in your local climate. Or, you need to make sure that your pet has access to climate-controlled protection, for instance, making sure cold-weather breeds have air conditioning during Summer months, and keeping short haired (or cold blooded!) companions inside where they will stay toasty warm.



Perhaps most important of all is ensuring that your pet is not a threat to the wellness of any other family members. Animal allergies are no joke, so it’s important to make sure that you rule out any possibilities for an allergic reaction before inviting a new animal family member into the home. Try to visit with any potential pets beforehand they move in to ensure there are no adverse reactions.


If any of your family members do have animal allergies, luckily, there are plenty of hypoallergenic options for both cats and dogs that are easy to research. And, of course, you can’t rule out fur-free creatures either, like reptiles and birds, which make excellent companions that won’t leave anyone sneezing.


No matter your family’s needs, there is an animal somewhere out there that would be your ideal match. With these guidelines in mind, we hope you will find a pet as perfect for your family as Anouk and Tikaani are for ours!

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    awesome read! Your blog perfectly articulates the elements to weigh when choosing a household pet. I in particular recognize the emphasis on getting to know breeds and thinking about way of life compatibility. Very informative!

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