Alessia and Mirabela have always loved online shopping- what’s better than finding the perfect gift for friends and loved ones while in your PJs? Even so, our family also enjoys getting in the Christmas spirit with a seasonal trip to our local mall, where Alessia loves to take in the bright lights of holiday decorations and sip cozy hot chocolate in the food court.


This winter, of course, COVID-19 cautions are making traditional holiday shopping experiences like this unfeasible for most families. That’s why we’ll be creating an indoor Christmas shopping experience this year, with lots of online ordering and waiting in cheerful anticipation for packages to arrive on our doorstep. As your family gets ready for the 2020 holiday seasons, here are our suggestions for a joyful and mindful online shopping experience:



Perhaps the most important key to successful online shopping this holiday season is to make sure you give yourself ample time. Start with a plan: set your budget and make a list of who you need to buy what for.

This will reduce stress and disorganization as we enter this busy winter season. Then, get to work making purchases as far out from the holidays as possible. Because more people will be online shopping this year than ever before, we can expect that shipping times will be more likely to be delayed due to increased volume.

To guarantee that everyone on your list receives the perfect gift, get ahead of the game.



When life limits some of our experiences, it can actually open up the door for new opportunities. Though the COVID-19 pandemic has limited our abilities to Christmas shop in person at malls or local businesses, the necessity for online shopping in 2020 can teach us a lot about how to make ethical and Earth-conscious buying decisions.

When you shop online, you have more opportunities to research products before purchasing, allowing you to filter out products which are harmful to our planet. There is a wide array of eco-friendly and ethically made products available online these days.

While online shopping in 2020, you will be sure to find natural and sustainable holiday gifts for everyone on your list!



Different members of your family are likely to have mixed feelings about the priority online shopping takes this year. Some people miss the festive ritual of in-person holiday shopping, but some of us are thrilled to not have to set foot in a crowded mall.

No matter how your family members feel about shopping online in 2020, making your Christmas list a team effort will bring you closer as a family and get everyone excited about the joys of the season. Involving kids in the list-making and planning process can help teach them to value the true meaning of the holiday season: the spirit of generosity.

Creating Christmas shopping lists for loved ones helps kids learn how to be mindful of the needs of others and experience the joy of giving.


When we put giving first, we create such immense beauty in our own lives and the lives of those we love. We at AlessiaAdora wish your family the warmest and happiest of holidays this winter, and we hope you have good luck finding the perfect gifts for all the special people in your family’s lives.

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