10 years ago, our family moved from Toronto to Vancouver, turning over a new page in our adventure of life. Sometimes, finding your path to joy means making big changes- and we couldn’t be more than happy we made this move.

Living in British Columbia has created so many opportunities for wonder, happiness, and growth. From vibrant biodiversity to rich cultural history, Alessia loves to call British Columbia home. In this beautiful home, she experienced so many opportunities for adventure: learning to kayak, sail, swim, and surf through the breathtaking landscapes of British Columbia.


From the mountains to the sea, from the deep forest to the bustling city, of British Columbia provides our family each day with opportunities for joyful experiences. That’s why we wanted to take the time today to sing the praises of Canada’s Western-most province. If you’re considering an adventure in British Columbia, or are simply curious about the area, here’s what you need to know about some of our favorite destinations.




Vancouver is the most populous city in Western Canada and a must-see when visiting British Columbia. It’s also the city where Alessia was born, and she can’t imagine living and learning anywhere else. This ethnically diverse cultural hub is one of the few cities in North America which has direct access to both the mountains and the oceans.

Vancouver’s famously excellent climate allows for a host of outdoor activities and sightseeing opportunities. No matter what kind of adventure your family may be planning, Vancouver has something extraordinary to offer.




One of the best ski resorts in the world and a host of the 2010 Winter Olympic games, Whistler is a great place for making family memories that will last a lifetime. If any of your family members love winter sports, then Whistler is without-a-doubt the destination for you, offering some of the planet’s most exceptional snowboarding and skiing opportunities.

But there’s more to this wonderland than just winter; the summer months in Whistler also offer a plethora of activities in adventures from world class mountain biking and ziplining to tranquil lakes and rivers. The natural beauty and fun, carefree atmosphere of Whistler make it a perfect British Columbia getaway.




This premier destination for nature lovers offers some of the Earth’s most amazing opportunities for whale watching, birding, and fishing. There are so many quaint seas-side destinations you can explore across Vancouver Island, but our family’s personal favorite is Tofino. Located on the island’s scenic west-coast, Tofino is characterized by surf culture and a deep reverence for the land and sea, this beautiful coastal town is surrounded by ocean, rainforest, and seemingly indefinite wildlife Tofino also represents British Columbia’s deep historical roots.

The town is home to a thriving First Nations community who works to preserve the town’s untouched beauty, playing a key role in preserving some of Canada’s oldest cultural and environmental traditions.



Not only is Vancouver Island a haven for coastal natural beauty, it is also home to Victoria, British Columbia’s capital city. Named after Queen Victoria, this gem of a city is majestic indeed.

Victoria was founded as a British settlement in 1843, making it one of the oldest cities in the pacific northwest and a mecca for lovers of Canadian history. Old-world charm surrounds visitors on the streets of Victoria; take in the city’s historic architectural landmarks like the world-famous Empress Hotel or the elegant parliament buildings. Or, broaden your cultural horizons with a visit to the oldest Chinatown in Canada.

Though less rural than other destinations on Vancouver Island, Victoria still offers its own urban twist on natural beauty; thanks to its mild weather, Victoria is famous for its thriving year-round botanical gardens and horticultural excellency, earning it the title “The Garden City.”

With so much to explore, Victoria is a magical destination brimming with joyful opportunities for all.




When most people think of Canada, they probably don’t think about wine- and those people are missing out! British Columbia is actually home to a wine region acclaimed for producing award-winning vintages: the gorgeous Okanagan Valley. For wine lovers, this region provides an endless array of tastings and festivals.

But that’s not all that the Okanagan valley has to offer- this region is also home to rustic fun for every member of the family. Relax as the smell of fragrant sage and lavender waft through the lakeside air as you explore the rich harvests of farmers markets or cycle the stunning Kettle Valley Rail Trail. The Okanagan valley’s rural and agricultural splendor make it an excellent destination from getting away from the stressful realities of today’s life.

No matter your journey, British Columbia has something to offer for you. Our family is so grateful each day for the healing and happiness that our home has brought to us. As you plan your next adventure, we hope that you will keep our most-loved destinations in mind; they have all brought us so much joy in their own unique ways, and we know that they can bring you joy too. From our family to yours, we wish you happy travels and boundless horizons!

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