No travel? No problem!

Amidst the state of the world, which is full of restrictions and quarantining, it can be difficult to truly destress and relax. With March break right around the corner, the time that we would normally take to travel and get away from the stress of our day to day lives is just not in the books right now. This in itself is disheartening, but it doesn’t mean that having fun is off the table! Although Alessia loves to travel, this year she said that all she wants during her time off from school is spending time with her family, and maybe also to try out a horseback riding camp. Though the latter may have to wait just a little while longer, there are plenty of ways to have fun and destress this March break with your family! With Alessia’s help, we’ve come up with a few that are definitely worth a try:

  1. Is it warm and sunny out where you live? Why not gather the baskets and blankets to have a fun picnic day in the park! Involve your kids in making the sandwiches and any other tasty snacks to enjoy the lovely weather and feed the birds.
  1. If the beaches are open, grab a soccer ball and sunscreen and have a day of making sandcastles by the coast!
  1. This is a great year to get a head start on any landscaping or gardening projects you’ve been meaning to do! Spend some time dedicated to growing veggies or planting flowers and see your hard work pay off come June when everything is in full bloom.
  1. If your family likes adventures, a camping trip could be just what you need this March break! Bring some tents and warm blankets to tell scary stories around the bonfire, or simply camp out in your backyard (or living room!)
  1. If you’re in the colder climates, why not go ahead and book a day to go skiing, tobogganing, or even make a snowman? Be sure to bring some hot chocolate and marshmallows to stay warm on the slopes!
  1. With all the time we’ve been spending indoors, our spaces are no doubt getting a bit messy. Set aside some time this March break to declutter your spaces! Make it fun by including your kids, relive the memories, and teach them organizational skills, all while cleaning up your house and creating a stress-free environment.
  1. There’s nothing more relaxing than diving into a really good book. Make it a fun family activity this upcoming break by forming your own family book club! Alternate who gets to pick the book and possibly create a new tradition that will bring your family closer together through mutual love of a character.
  1. This free time is the perfect opportunity to try your hand at a new skill! If you’ve been meaning to learn to crochet, bake, embroider, draw, play guitar, paint, photograph, bullet journal, or anything else that catches your eye, now is your chance to learn something new and enjoy a shared hobby with your kids. Don’t worry about taking a class, there are plenty of free tutorials online!
  1. Truly, helping others is the best way to reduce stress and improve moods. This March break, why not dive into a community volunteering project and teach your kids about the gift of giving? Donate to a local shelter, help out a neighbour, pick up litter, or become a pen pal at your community’s senior retirement home. These acts of kindness go a long way and can spark a new passion!
  1. Have a blast with fun and new exercises as a family! Moving around and getting active is not just good for the body, but it’s the perfect way to relieve stress and bond with your loved ones. There’s no need to get a gym membership, you can exercise without even realizing it! Try out a new activity every day, such as biking, hiking, roller skating, swimming, having a dance party, playing hide and seek, or just going for a walk at the park.


Don’t let the disappointment of a travel-less March break dampen your opportunity to spend amazing quality time with your loved ones and take a well-deserved time off from the stress of everyday life. There’s plenty of fun to go around right at home!

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